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Explore sustainable, custom collections made exclusively by Kenyan artists

How We Work


Tell Us About Your Design

Describe the custom piece you want. Add images, photos or sketches, and include the dimensions and material you prefer.


How Does It Work?

Once you submit your order, our team will get you in touch with you to clarify the order until you’re 100% ready to have your project made.


How Payment Works

Once you accept our proposal, you will be prompted to pay a 50% deposit. The final payment will be made once the project is complete. Payment options include mobile money, cash, card, and PesaLink.


Approvals to Completion

In case we’ll need an approval decision from you during the crafting process, we’ll contact you.

What We Do

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Custom Furniture

We bring your dreams and sketches to life with creativity, skill and dedication.

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Furniture Restoration

Does your furniture look a bit shabby? We do repairs of all types from paint marks’ removal to tears from pet claws.

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Interior Fit-Out

Our interior designers can help you choose the right furniture to fill your new house, apartment or office.

Explore our Best Sellers

Each piece is crafted with creativity, efficiency, and love.

Furniture Handmade by Kenyan Artists

We want to bring joy and levity to your spaces, even if in a small way. Our collections are built and designed for your unique taste. Crafted from locally sourced materials, our custom pieces are both chic and sustainable.

What Our Clients Say

My apartment furniture is finally here! I love the pieces Green Furniture have made for my living room, now it feels like a real home!

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— Lisa K., Business Analyst

Honestly, my kids’ double decker bed looks amazing! They can sleep and study in the same room because the bed comes with a built in desk and a chair to top!

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— Aziza W., Father of Two

We create an intriguing and warm ambiance for any space and purpose

Our collection combines craftsmanship with creativity, and shapes carefully considered pieces with purpose and meaning